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Welcome to AromaSense!

AromaSense is a homegrown concept with a focus on healing through aromatherapy.

With a background in pharmacy, Maha, the founder of AromaSense, has always been fascinated by the therapeutic power of plants.

With this grew her passion for healing through essential oils.
Maha originally started making blends for her personal use. It wasn’t long before she decided she could help other families see the strength in aromatherapy, just like she did. This is how AromaSense was born.

Our blends are always fresh, made in small batches, and handcrafted with commitment and passion. All our ingredients are natural and safe and have proven exceptional results.

Whether it’s for the mind, body, or home, at AromaSense, you will find precisely what you need. We have a variety of blends for everyone, and each has its benefits. Whether you want to naturally relieve pain, uplift your mood, boost your immunity or rejuvenate your skin, our range covers almost everything!

About the founder

“I have always called AromaSense my baby and always will!

It all started in 2008 when my love for DIY and natural solutions led me to experiment with natural remedies and safe alternatives to conventional personal care products for my family.

But of course, passion leads nowhere if you don’t consolidate it with science! Between 2008 and 2021, I already had four children, earned three Aromatherapy certificates from three different countries, attended international Aromatherapy conferences and workshops, deepened my knowledge, and even became a NAHA member!

My goal will always be to provide top-of-the-line blends using the best natural ingredients that yield outstanding results!
Thank you all for trusting me and letting AromaSense into your homes.”

Essentially yours,


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“I am very impressed with the Mosquito Repellent! Not a single bite when I used it! It worked better than anything else I have tried!”
Product: Mosquito Guard
Maria Farah
owner of Matcha and Mascara Shop
“I am so happy that in a world of overdosing kids with medications, we have an accessible all-natural choice. Thank you!”
Product category: Natural Remedies
Hind Ammouri
owner of Urth Mama Lebanon Shop
“My best morning and evening daily routine is applying your oils and creams… Pure joy and love! My skin is in love and glow is always there. Thank you so much!”
Product category: Skincare
Mireille Hammal
certified Reiki Master & Teacher