Migraine Relief Bundle

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Natural Management of Migraines

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Our Migraine Relief Bundle is the perfect addition to the natural pharmacy cabinet of any migraine sufferer. It includes:

  • 1 bottle of Clear Head blend
  • 1 Revive Sinus Spray
  • 1 bottle of Pure Peppermint 10 ml essential oil
  • 1 personal inhaler to fill with Peppermint

Bonus: 6 WAYS TO RELIEVE MIGRAINE -And to Keep it From Getting Worse:

1- Take it early: Start with Clear Head at the very first signs: apply on the temples and back of the neck. 
2- Use Peppermint essential oil in the inhaler: place 7-10 drops on the cotton stick inside the inhaler. Add more or less as desired. Alternatively, you can diffuse Peppermint or r place a few drops in a bottle with water and spray around the room).
3- Address any sinus issues by using the Revive Sinus spray.
4- Apply an ice pack to your neck.
5- Find a calm dark place to relax.
6- Hydrate.

Know when to call your doctor:

You should seek treatment immediately if you have an intense headache accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:
-uncontrollable vomiting
-loss of consciousness
-blurred vision
-loss of balance
-a pounding in your chest
-high blood pressure

DISCLAIMER. We must note that this website does not intend to, nor should ever, be used as a replacement for professional medical advice by a qualified licensed professional. If you suspect a medical problem or disease, please consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.


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